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On this page you will find answers to the questions about the Age of Aquarius, Aquarian Lighthouse and the overnight stays at our Domain.

Summer Solstice 2023

I have invited people to reflect with us on the turn of the Sun. The…
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  • Man/Woman
  • World themes

Pentecost 2023

Every year we reflect on the meaning of Pentecost. What does it really mean? I…

What is Learning?

The very short answer: Learning is making Your will equal to the Will of ‘GOD’.…
  • Aquarian Lighthouse

What is Inner Hierarchy?

Can you explain what inner hierarchy is? Hierarchy MEANING & DEFINITION  by Editor Ensie published…
  • Age of Aquarius

Why Elijah’s Seat?

Elijah’s Seat is an organization that publishes inspired books written under the inspiring leadership of…
  • Age of Aquarius

What is the vision of CAMELOT?

Community of Angels Masters Elohim living On Terra. I wrote this on the home page. I appreciate that you ask for…
  • Aquarian Lighthouse

What is Harmony?

Helena asks what is harmony? I would say that harmony is the working of the…
  • Elements

What is a retreat?

Answer Wikipedia A retreat is a seclusion for spiritual self-exploration and spiritual practice. A suitable…
  • Overnight stays

Why the Maltese cross?

The Age of Aquarius is characterized in bringing Order, Order, Order and Order. The geometric…
  • Aquarian Lighthouse

Why are there eras?

To ensure movement for an expanding universe. Each era has specific impulses with which being…
  • Age of Aquarius

What is an era?

There are different kinds of eras one of which is related to a specific period…
  • Age of Aquarius

Why Aquarian Lighthouse?

Where does the name Aquarian Lighthouse come from? Everyone knows somewhere the longing for a…
  • Aquarian Lighthouse

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