Spend the night to receive new inspiration and to relax.

According to Plato, the student of Socrates, inspiration is a means to arrive at a deeper understanding. Inspiration is increasingly seen as a quality of human beings, the inner strength that you possess as a human being to achieve…
certain impulses and ideas.

Aquarian Lighthouse

At Aquarian Lighthouse, inspiration comes together in the residents, the activities, the elements and the design, so that the Domain naturally provides peace and quiet. This makes it a special place for everyone to find peace, inspiration and insight.

Enjoy the space and the view in the Achterhoek endlessly.

Our Domain can be reached via an almost kilometer long dead-end driveway. This assures you of the natural silence of the countryside, the rippling river and the beautiful singing birds. Various cycling and hiking trails are directly accessible from our site.

The Besselink Stuw is the access bridge to Almen where you can get fresh bread rolls by bike in the morning. There is also the possibility to use the Finnish sauna with sunbathing area. Come and experience it for yourself, we look forward to meeting you.

Camping Groot Besselink

Unique visionary campsite

We have done our best to make the luxury campsite accessible to everyone who, just like us, loves smoke-free, peace, space and a view. The choice of an exclusive campsite was made by this desire. The architectural design with its spacious special places for the camper is a feast for the eyes. The elements Water, Fire, Earth and Air are included in the whole.
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Eco 2 to 4 person holiday homes

What more can be said about homes that are so comfortable and therefore once again stand in the most beautiful place of the Achterhoek! You'll be quiet about it. The houses look beautiful and stylish. The views with the setting sun in all its beautiful colors are so soothing. Climb the sloping slopes of the Achterhoek backstage landscape and forget about everything around you.
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Aquarian Lighthouse - Groot Besselink

Luxury 2 to 8 person holiday villas

At the edge of the luxury campsite Domein Groot Besselink in the Achterhoek, surrounded by a hedge of protective trees, are two luxury holiday villas. The villas are situated in such a way that tranquility, space and views are central. To guarantee this, the window sections ensure a seamless transition to the backdrop landscape of the Achterhoek.
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Our entire park is non-smoking. View the rates on the price list.