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A distinctive campsite where, in addition to your everyday stay, you have options to give your life more meaning.

Aquarius Lives Like a Bright Beginning
Aquarian Lighthouse Gives Humanity Meaning Again

Esther, Maria and Mhura, together with their families, are the residents of the Domain. Het Domein arose from the desire to be able to offer a place where people can reflect on life. There are also opportunities to ask questions, take lessons and relax. We moved four years ago from De Meern in the province of Utrecht. And with us, 24 more people moved to live in the area. Partly for this beautiful landscape, partly to leave the hustle and bustle of the west behind and for the most part because they wanted to keep up with the lessons up close.

After five years of searching all over the Netherlands, we ended up here. This was definitely the place we wanted to live right away. Unfortunately, there was no permission to facilitate a group accommodation here. This is why it has become a campsite. By designing the campsite with the Elements, the possibilities of houses, the exclusive design, we have called the campsite Domain. We want to indicate the added value of this place. All the ingredients are here to make your holiday a meaningful and dignified stay.

sunrise in the pine trees forest


Initiator of this website. Together with Maria (for 25 years) and Esther now 12 years, we live, live and work on the domain of camping Groot Besselink. For more than 30 years now I have been intensively busy giving meaning to my Life and that of my fellow man. During that time a path has manifested itself. A path which is also called the Ruby road. A way of love, ordered in truth and subservient to the equal value of (man) man and (the) Nature.


I learn and walk along as much as I can. Moving with the Aquarius lessons and applying them in daily life has given my life what I was always looking for. Although I was not aware that I was looking for this. Now that I live, work and move with Mhura and others I realize how distracted I was from my deepest desire. Fortunately, I have found Aquarian Lighthouse and have a purpose in my Life. My goal is to be one with the destination as a whole. The best part is asking questions and then getting totally unexpected answers that are beyond my understanding. And yet.

Deer in forest, Grand Canyon National Park, Arizona, USA


I give the word to the lessons and I write them down. Mhura and I have been carrying out the lessons for years. My contribution to this is reflected in the books I have written. These books each have a detail of the Age of Aquarius and provide a huge amount of clarity about our ability to create as humans and even materialize eternity. By walking again and again, we have built a foundation in which I can increasingly Find ME. I feel so much more than what I can now realize in my physical brain. I like to reshape my Body so that we create a future of hope. In that sense I live in the right place for me to develop. A development that does justice to the whole of Life.

Groot Besselink

Luxury domain in Almen (Achterhoek). Come enjoy and reflect in peace at our brand new, exclusive campsite in the Achterhoek with luxurious accommodations. Marvel at the architecturally designed layout of the site and the silence around you. Enjoy your spacious place or accommodation, the overwhelming view and the rippling river. Our domain is an oasis of peace, space, views and inspiration.

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