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In Aquarius is the Water and the man in charge?

Funny question, I wouldn’t think of it.

The question also arises from an old fact in which the man was or could be the boss, and of course this is still called upon in different countries and cultures. Indeed, because of his guiding quality, it could happen that the man was seen as the one in charge.

What comes to mind now is if the MAN directs Water (the movement of the whole) you can say that he rules over creation, in fact he IS the creation himself and that makes him WOMAN. This seems very difficult to understand to me. In the detail of equilibrium, we are all equal in value. In principle, that says nothing about a detail. Every detail can only come into its own in the equality of what RIGHT does to its existence. Aquarius is seen as a sign of what pours out water for everyone, so that everyone comes into their own. And indeed a man does that according to the sign.

That’s fine, I want such a man (lol)

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