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What does guilt mean in the context of the Our Father, forgive our guilt and beyond …..

I know many people who always feel guilty about everything. So a very good question; what is guilt, at least it is something we need not feel guilty about. That does not take us any further. What takes us further is the deep realization that we are to blame for creating creation. In other words, we are able to create. If we then create to feel guilty about that, it has been a choice and a wrong lesson. The fact that you feel guilty is simply because you are guilty. But most likely not what you think you are guilty of. The incessant feeling of guilt towards your children for your inadequacy in something is largely caused by man’s awareness of blaming another. At the moment it seems that if a child does not feel well, it is by definition due to the parents, so that parents have an enormous (too) heavy burden to have to do it ‘right’. Of course we have to learn to take care of each other as people, but then from the realization that you have to give yourself your detail. In doing so, only ask yourself and the other (child) what it can give or what it stands for, to give.

In the context of the Our Father. I have already mentioned the Father here as the one who creates, then when you ask for forgiveness, you realize that it is up to you. In forgiving is the word forgiveness, in that, giving comes back in giving Yourself, your detail. This ensures that past experiences that you blame others and the experiences that you feel guilty about fade away. You put something in its place, namely your detail. A detail expressed in truth always springs from the realization of the oneness of life and will honor the order of Life. In forgiving others you may know that others are part of the same creation. When you forgive your self, give yourself what you need to honor your life as a whole, you learn to forgive all of creation naturally. Nevertheless, feelings of intense pain about guilt/offender/victim can be very determining in life. Ultimately, we are all responsible, but that also means that we can create it differently as a whole. Put very silly, they are just lessons that you can learn from within to shape your life and life as a whole differently.

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