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What is your quality as a teacher?

Of course I’m not supposed to find myself fantastic. I think of myself that I am extremely patient, understand a lot of humanities, I can organize well and give direction.

In addition, the knowledge or insight that I have deeply imbued with my wish to be of service to the life of Aquarius. My whole being wants to tell/share about Life from childhood. I have continued to believe in the power of my existence and desire through all the rejections. I feel like a teacher in everything.

When I write, when I talk, when I think, I am always explaining and inventing all sorts of ways to share the knowledge of the Aquarius era with people. I am aware of the aspects that I know less about or just know nothing about. I also have people who give substance to that. My detail is being a teacher. This is difficult in a world that has been dominated by teachers who had/have power with it. This fear runs deep within our humanity, making it sometimes difficult to believe or be a teacher. This is also one reason why I write as I write. I know it cannot always be followed, it appeals more to your own sense of truth. For that you don’t have to understand everything or agree with me.

To be a teacher is to be wise. That is why I am also learning day and night with people and the life in and around me.

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