Walk & Talk

Walking from home, with meaningful conversations.
Every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday morning from 9:00 am to 10:00 am.

Walking for your health

Why is walking good for your health?

Walking for your mental well-being

Relaxed walking is a blessing for your thinking

Upcoming Walk & Talk

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Walking as meaning

Our walks literally give MEANING.

During the walk I give guided meditations and lessons about Life.

Do you want answers to: why am I alive, who am I, I have everything but am not happy yet, I am depressed, my body and thinking are driving me crazy etc. etc.?

Here you will learn why you live and how to give direction to your own Life.

From your home or any beautiful place where you want to walk. The walks give you relaxation and inspiration. You hear and experience nature and you learn about and from your own nature, your own humanity. What is being human? A healthy human experiences peace and unity with nature and knows how to create a naturally ordered creation.

The whole walk you are carried in the beauty of nature and the understanding of the deeper meaning of Life. You walk with us and yet your own way. The way you walk is the way you create and vice versa.

It is a nice way to meet and safe, because even though we walk together you determine your own path.

We walk with the online program gotomeeting. If you have downloaded this, I will send you the code and you can join the walk from home. We walk Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday morning from 9.00 to 10.00 am. 15 euros per walk including recording. It is a brilliant (as a fellow walker said) way to walk on yourself and with each other. You can only listen but also ask questions or share your experiences. This way you are free to walk at your own pace and determine your own distance of the walk.

And while you have time and attention for yourself physically and mentally, you also get the tools to deepen your Life and find fulfillment.

Hope to see you at our Walk and Talk