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How do you see a Man/Woman in the Age of Aquarius?

Well, a tough question. I have a men’s group and women’s groups, which makes the difference between man and woman very tangible to me.

In short I would say that MAN gives direction (is also the sun) and WOMAN forms (is also matter). From a practical point of view that is also a fact. What it means to be a woman or to be a man is quite a world of difference. I also understand very well why we understand each other so incredibly badly or not (hopefully not for everyone). Where does man’s desire to come together come from? And do we therefore need a MAN and WOMAN for that? My answer is a resounding YES to that.

For that is exactly what makes creation More. Only men no longer make creation, but neither do women. So we really need each other. I assume that MAN in the Age of Aquarius knows about his own ability to give direction and does so from the desire to create an ordered whole as ONE with FEMALE/matter. WOMAN may be aware of the fact that she forms, that she forms what is given to her. When she is awake in this, she can discern what she wants to shape and what suits her in terms of her wish. Of course we already do this. However, we are generally not really aware of this. This is not specifically about relationships, but about our knowledge, experience and awareness of MAN/WOMAN.

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