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Why are there elections?

In short, it is to clarify who we, as people, residents of a democratic country, entrust our vote to. And that is probably what you are referring to. Our elections are next week, the choice is difficult for many people. You can find the party leader fine, but not the program and vice versa. What do you choose for? First of all, there is the fact that we can choose. That in itself is a gratifying fact. That we immediately go to parties who know better, or promise that they will do better, etc. is part of a free choice. At least at this point in our development as humanity. Because it is my vote, I am also responsible for what I choose. Do I take responsibility for that in good and bad times? Can I make a choice to make my voice heard without attacking others and making them less?

There are so many feelings at play when I give MY voice to another. How do I deal with that? I can read about it myself completely and hope that I understand some of it. I can follow all the debates and listen to what they have to say, I can look at how the person comes across and if I consider them credible as the governor of our country. Even before I choose to choose, I am already working on the consequences of giving my vote. So what makes us think it is so important that we have elections? It says something about our development of the inhabitants of the Netherlands and humanity as a whole. It gives a sense of security, because you can go somewhere with your voice. At the same time you can also use your voice to shout and fight. Despite giving your voice, you may still not feel heard, even though everyone promises to listen to you. However, as much as we want to, it doesn’t always work out simply because the voices don’t have ONE clear purpose. I believe that as humanity we have ONE purpose, but how do you get that purpose clear and executed in such a way that everyone feels right?

That is what we as people can and may learn and for that we look for the party that fits in with that, that does justice to where you are currently in your development. Close to yourself. You do not have to place all the promises that are made with politicians, but with yourself. What do you promise yourself? What do you promise your vote? Keep it close. If you look for it too high or far away from yourself, you will inevitably be dissatisfied with your choice. And unfortunately, then we start pointing and blaming others. I am now talking about variable choices, if you want to stay with one party that can reinforce a feeling of support or security, but that does not mean that it is safe. If all goes well you are developing and you are in stages of awareness about education, health, immigrants, entrepreneurs, parents, care, etc. etc. When we as people are on the move, we set the elections in motion so we can see where we as human beings give our voice. This is how we grow as individuals and as a whole.

Because of the corona we are busy with completely different things than before the corona. That made us think more and turned in more (I hope). This gives movement within us so that we can use new possibilities to get to know Life with the humanity that belongs to it. The more we turn in to find ONE purpose with each other, the more the purpose will find its way INTO the human being as a whole. In my view, that will give the desirous order and peace that each one has as a goal.

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