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What are the specific aspects or details of the Age of Aquarius?

Nice question: I would see the aspects as what we all have to deal with. The details are what the word says in more detail.

I see the aspects more as the whole movement of our universe as now the Aquarius sign is exerting its influence. Whether we want to or not, we have to deal with this. With regard to a detail, you can decide for yourself whether you want or can do something with it. Precisely in the specific light frequencies of Aquarius are details such as Freedom, Truth, Equilibrium, Brotherhood, Order, Right, Unite, Wisdom and more.

We often think it is normal for us to feel these impulses, but we don’t. These impulses have been around for a long time, but why don’t we live up to them yet? That is because we were still holding on to the previous era, the Pisces era. And you still see many people getting very confused at this time because they cannot keep up with the current impulses. And when we feel the impulses, we cannot help but shape them with the Pisces consciousness. I often see that people want freedom and think they can achieve that by fighting. This certainly does not give you freedom as a human being. Then freedom is related to another. I understand that people as a whole fight for their freedom because of the inequality in the world. But if our collective consciousness doesn’t change, we continue to feel unfree and often threatened as a result.

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