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What does an Equinox mean?

In any case equal parts. How does this come about? And even better; how can we as humans go along in the realization of ‘getting to know equal parts’. We are longing for equality, but not when it comes to our own idea of who we are. It is hard to feel equal to everyone around you at all times. And also feel like nature. We want that too, but why don’t you experience it when you look around you?

Something may dawn in us here. What may dawn is the Sun. The meaning of the Sun is virtually unknown within us. With our minds we know that we cannot live without the Sun, that the Sun is our living-giving force. But how do you experience that? How do you know that also in your atoms and cells, you are awake from the entirety of life? How the order of our solar system works?

In other words, to get to know the equal parts of ourselves with the whole and to start living it is necessary to get to know and understand the direction that the Sun gives in our atoms and cells. Being awake and realizing that we are Living in a much greater order than we currently realize. How do we get this order expressed in our present life? So that we can start to live in equality, in the equality that the Sun also shows and experiences when the equinox is a fact.

Very close by, you can get to know what equality in the deeper sense of Life means to you. As you learn to make the equal parts of our planet Alive IN you in conjunction with the Sun, you will learn the origin of Life and at the same time experience a sense of Eternal Life. The rays of the Sun, the light of the Sun, are given to everyone. Everyone is able to receive the sunlight and thus be a Sun themselves. A person radiant from within. Someone who accumulates and carries the light within itself. Who knows about the whole of life and expresses its unity. Who knows the order of our solar system and thus brings order to its life and far beyond.

What do you need for that? Your whole being may direct itself towards the Sun. Not from the outside, but something inside you knows how to receive the light from the Sun in such a way that you are consciously part of it. In this way we create order, equality, and value in every person and in nature. Just as the earth tunes in to the Sun, you can tune in to the Sun too.

Then you will take your own orbit around the Sun. Your cells will focus/ attune to your inner Sun. The Sun with which you are connected every day. Your Self and the Sun that you experience and see outside of you. This is how we are going to honour the Sun. Getting to know the Sun. The interaction of the Sun, the Moon and the Earth becomes an experience, a living movement that we want to participate in with all our heart.

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