About MhuRa

Here is a brief summary of my past, present and future.

I was born (1963) as Monique de Hoog in Rotterdam in an entrepreneurial family. Due to my father’s work, we have moved regularly within the Netherlands and to Germany and Spain. This turbulent time and the way our family handled the changes has left its impressions. Because of these impressions, I am still busy today with how we can shape life differently.

I started looking for the meaning of my life early on and it soon became the meaning of life for everyone. I understood that life functions as a whole so that my value is essential, but that it cannot have meaning without the value of everyone else. As a result, I slowly but surely started to create a path of life with the people around me. I would now call that path the life in this time, the life with Aquarius impulses that we can shape now and for the next 2000 years. I am incessantly teaching how we can and should live in this day and age. And most importantly, how we should shape the Age of Aquarius. How we move from I to WE as an ordered whole. Because there is still little knowledge about this, life feels very chaotic and that creates more victims than necessary.

From my upbringing I have done training to be able to do the same as my father, but when I left home at the age of 19 I started to re-orient myself. I went back to school when I was 22 to enter social services. After obtaining that diploma I started following all kinds of spiritual courses, including spiritual medicine, massage forms, physical therapy, death counseling and grief counseling and more. Basically, I kept looking for my particular gift to the world, what we now call detail. I have found that and have been sharing it with groups of people for 25 years now. It has now grown into a Domain where you can spend the night and at the same time participate in the lessons and activities in your own way.

I am married to Henny, he mainly takes care of the Domain. I have 3 children and 3 grandchildren. Joshua still lives at home and takes care of most of the lawns. Esther (student of the Aquarius classes) lives in our house. She is the hostess for the campsite and takes care of the Terrace.

This was a brief summary of what you can and should expect here. The bottom line is that it gives meaning to your life in multiple ways. For yourself, but also for the whole of life.

We hope to be able to give you insight into your life and life as a whole, whether it is only through the website, a stay or the lessons. It is important to experience yourself as important.

I changed my name a few years ago. The letters mean Mother United in Radiant Aqua. It is an expression of myself that I am longing to bring into the world.

Love MhuRa