By-ONE coming

Here women and men come together to exchange. To discover and learn how to grow and love as a unit. What does it mean to be ONE and thus to be an expression of ONE. The meetings are especially pleasant, connecting and liberating.

Every Wednesday 09:00-11:00h. For more information and booking, contact Mhura.

Make your own reflection program

The program we offer is aimed at being able to participate when you need it. The program runs all year round, you can join almost all year round, with or without an overnight stay. Imagine that you want to get away for a week with a friend and in the meantime you learn about the meaning of life and how to apply the meaning of life. A fun and meaningful experience.

Your awareness grows in the movement of the program with the recurring topics. You come to in-depth discoveries and innovative insights. This changes your Life and Life as a whole. Step by step until we have actually completely transformed the Life of Aquarius and can / want to Live.

Put together your ideal program during your stay at Aquarian Lighthouse. The following activities are organized regularly. You can register here on the spot. No activities are planned in the afternoons so that you can give your own interpretation, so we make a combination of activity, relaxation, learning and integration into daily life.


14 Apr 2024


09:00 - 11:00


Domein Groot Besselink
Lage Lochemseweg 31 C 7218 PA Almen

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